by| May 24, 2023

Synergy Marketing Research + Strategic Consultancy, in collaboration with Newport World Resorts, recently hosted an exclusive event called “Market(In) Sights,” aimed at providing valuable insights and trends to help businesses navigate the current challenges in the market and help them meaningfully grow through all these. The event was highly anticipated, and it also marked the relaunch of Synergy’s partnership with YouGov, an international research and data analytics company based in the UK, with 44 offices worldwide. YouGov is highly quoted in media globally over the past 20 years and has partnered with Synergy starting July 2020.

The inaugural feature under the Market(In) Sights brand was “Finding Certainty in Uncertainties: (New) Consumer Insights & Trends for Brand Growth,” presented by Germaine Reyes, CEO/President of Synergy Market Research + Strategic Consultancy. The event showcased Synergy’s expertise in providing evidence-based strategies for companies through research that are culled from the cutting-edge solutions of YouGov. Hence, the Synergy-YouGov consumer findings and insights are like no other, bringing about the most recent, robust and deep consumer insights about the Filipinos’ stories, struggles, needs and plans, aspirations during these times. These results from Synergy-YouGov research conducted across January to April this year across the Philippines, covered current consumer sentiments, coping behavior and purchase considerations, sustainability, brand purpose, technology, media, social media influencers, and more.

The event had a panel roster of esteemed C-level executives that included Adi Timbol-Hernandez, PANA President and Corporate Communications Director of McDonald’s Ph., Gino Borromeo, Chief Strategy Officer of BBDO-Guerrero, and Peachy Pacquing, Managing Director of Hyper Island Asia Pacific. Yayu Javier, President and COO of Avanza, Inc., moderated the event.
One of the key learnings presented was the current financial situation of Filipinos. The study revealed that 51% of Filipinos just have enough to meet their financial needs while 36% or more than a third are still “finding it difficult to meet their financial needs based on their monthly earnings alone”. Much as the latter already improved from incidence from January of this year (which was at 38%), this is still much higher compared to June 2022 when this was at 31%. This is a call for companies to still look for innovative solutions to help in inclusiveness and participation of all Filipinos in the Philippines’ recovery process for economic growth.

Synergy is well-known for promoting sustainability and innovation to improve customer experience and satisfaction, building meaningful conversations between brands and customers to enhance engagement and brand trust, elevating brand purpose from emerged points of differentiation for companies’ future growth. Since 2016, they have been very active with conferences and webinars as well as during the pandemic as their way of “giving back” to the marketing and business communities. They have also collaborated on relevant research projects with highly esteemed professional associations and recently signed a MOA with the Philippine Marketing Association (PMA) for a research collaboration. Market(In) Sights was made possible with the support of Newport World Resorts (co-presentor) and EDIMC (event partner).


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