Synergy Market Research + Strategic Consultancy is a market research and management consulting company that provides evidence-based strategies from research and data analytics conducted. These help in better, more informed decision-making for companies’ business growth and digital transformation needs.

Synergy’s purpose is to help companies better understand their customers in order to solve real world problems or customer pain points and become a stronger, more meaningful brand.


With over 20+ years of experience, this enables us to work with Philippines’ Top 1,000 Corporations and some global Fortune 500 companies. We design studies and make sense of available customer, online, social, other secondary data, converting these into deeper insights to help our clients make better, informed decisions and build a competitive edge by connecting better with their customers.

Synergy finds meaningful clues from data and research, pieces these to complete the puzzle discovery and provides actionable recommendations for continued brand relevance and competitive business expansion.

Don’t be dazed, get clarity.

You don’t need to second guess. We dig deep into the data to unravel patterns, consumer insights that in turn emerge the marketing or brand story to grow your business.

Don’t just choose the norm, discover the next level.

Knowing what’s “in” is not enough. Our experience, investigation process, research design, tools, and analytics techniques will help you uncover opportunities and determine how to influence customer reactions, perceptions and preferences that are differentiated vs. competition.

Don’t just know, uncover connections.

Build customer value and experience. We combine insights from customer business and economic perspectives across traditional and digital platforms, integrated with technology. Customer understanding and stories unleashed across these platforms serve as an invaluable marketing currency.

RECOGNITION from international associations

Finalist in the following global award-giving bodies

For social values research:

ESOMAR Eureka Awards

Eureka Project for social values market research and insights that help consumers, companies and government in their decision making

For market research and innovation:

Next Generation MR Awards

2019 Finalist for Synergy’s Consumer Insighting and Storytelling Conference from Insights Association of the USA for the Next Generation Market Research Awards


We come together as a team asking questions, evaluating situations and
moving toward specific solutions

Germaine Reyes


Germaine is the President and CEO of Synergy Market Research + Strategic Consultancy. She is focused on strategic design, management, market-based analysis; statistical design, planning and analysis. She has over 30 years experience in research and marketing. She held management positions in The Coca-Cola Export Corporation, wholly-owned company of The Coca-Cola Company; AC Nielsen Retail Trade Measurement; PAC/BBDO, and various advertising companies. She was globally-trained in market research and marketing and has a  background in the field of Statistics (BS and Master of Statistics, University of the Philippines, Diliman). A big picture-thinker and details-oriented;  synthesizing mind with a unique blend of strong quantitative & qualitative research skills.

Renzo Reyes


Renzo is the COO of Synergy Market Research + Strategic Consultancy. He is responsible for overseeing and conceptualization, project implementation, and formulation of recommendations, and in the process provides the macro and micro- economic, business, sales implications in Synergy’s research projects. He has over 30 years experience in strategic planning, investment, market, sales & business analysis; macro and micro management-thinking; information technology.  He has 11 years experience in the Petron Corporation, with holistic honing of skills from economic & investment planning to SAP implementation, and industrial sales and analysis. He also has 2 years of  experience in project evaluation and feasibility for industry implementation in the Board of Investments.  He has the  ability to balance macroeconomic goals of proper allocation of scarce resources with microeconomic goals of profit maximization with a background in the field of Economics, (BS Economics,  cum laude, University of the Philippines, Diliman).

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