What type of investment vehicles do most Filipinos prefer or look for? And what would their reasons be for investing?

Close to 8 in 10 Filipinos are planning to save in the next 12 months. Further to this, YouGov Profiles data (as of February 5th) over 7 in 10 Filipinos are looking for profitable ways to invest their money. So inferring, ‘saving’ may mean ‘investing’.

Where do they plan to invest in? What types of financial instruments or any other types which are innovative in nature? Are there unique ways to reach them? These and more may be found in YouGov Profiles, a proprietary audience profiling and segmentation platform. YouGov Profiles uses unique filters to create a portrait of the audience you need by incorporating media consumption, psychographics, demographics, purchasing behavior, and much more in defining emerging or relevant segments.

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